Watermelon voyage III- Morning Light



This type of vessel can be difficult to sail with just a few people. Since we didn’t have our young crewmembers from the home, we had our hands full with the big main sail. Once it was up, and the motor was off ,there was a certain silence that only a sailor knows. The full sail pulled us to our destination and we arrived content and ready of dinner after 16 hours on the sea.

The next day, we also got up at first light and headed off to Kaštela. The boat was quiet and the sea was calm. Morning light stoked our excitement for arrival, and the crew were in a contemplative state as we glide towards Kaštela and to meet the new crew of the third Watermelon Voyage

imageIMG_0214 IMG_0215 Orsat at the Helm IMG_0209 IMG_0211

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