Vinka Šminka

I just spent the past week in Croatia. A quick trip if that. This week we are nearing the culmination of a four year restoration on “Vinka,” a historic boat built in 1937. Alongside Barba Ive, the master carpenter, and shipwright, and his son Bosko we put the finishing touches so that she will be ready to launch this summer. The word šminka means to get dressed up, put on makeup, like fancy, ready for town, or a date. That’s what we did this week. She is looking good!

But the real magic of the trip came from the time spent with friends old and new. Lovro and Frankie, from Murter helped, and are some of the hardest working folks I know. Catching up with Crni, who was with me when we first discovered Vinka from years back, felt like turning back time. Being there in the spring is special since the summer can be so busy and people don’t have as much time. Marko Knezevic, the president of AMI, has done an amazing job of coordinating efforts and preparing for what comes next. For this I am truly grateful and could not have done this without him. 

Now, as Vinka prepares for her grand re-launch this summer, we’re gearing up for an epic expedition to the Kornati islands. Picture students learning the ropes on board Vinka, helping with sheep herding and sage harvesting – it’s going to be legendary!

As “Vinka” prepares to set sail once more, I am filled with gratitude for the journey thus far and the adventures that lie ahead. To those who have supported us on this journey, we extend our deepest gratitude. Your generosity has fueled our dreams and brought us closer to our goals. As we look to the future, we invite you to continue this journey with us, as together, we write the next chapter of the “Boats Building Bridges” saga. With “Vinka” by our side, we chart a course for the unknown, eager to share the wonders of island life with a new generation.

 I hope that you can join us aboard the sailing vessel Derek M. Baylis for our fundraiser on Sunday, May 19. We will sail the three bridges of the Bay, have music, drinks, and a great time supporting youth programs in the Adriatic. Looking forward to sailing with you all soon!

You can also get our custom hand made t-shirts or just make a donation on the eventbrite page.


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